Published AthenaPlus D5.2 Report on existing tools and devices related to narrative approaches and requirements functionalities


This deliverable, coordinated by Dédale and PACKED, provides an overview of existing tools and applications that may serve as examples for the development of the creative applications for the (re)use of digital cultural heritage content that will be developed in the AthenaPlus WP5.  The report is composed of three parts: it starts off with a theoretical introduction to the concept of narrative and digital storytelling. This is followed by an overview of common features for data, tools and supports that are needed in the realisation of digital stories, and ends with an overview of relevant components that might be implemented in the online AthenaPlus application environment.  The results of this deliverable will directly inform task and deliverable D5.3 First release of the AthenaPlus tools, foreseen in month 11. A second version of this deliverable will be released after the project plenary meeting in October 2013. During this meeting, the AthenaPlus WP5 Working Group will, together with the technical team, will determine the functional requirements for these tools to be developed. The results will also serve the pilot actions of WP6 that will be run in relation to digital storytelling, virtual exhibitions, educational use and GIS applications.

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