France: Europeana Sounds 2015: The Future of Historic Sounds


2 October 2015 - Other project conferences

On October 2nd 2015 the National Library of France will host the International Conference  “Europeana Sounds 2015: The Future of Historic Sounds”.

The event highlights the richness of the European sound heritage and the initiatives  devoted to preserve and promote it, letting emerge the heritage which  would remain hidden.
The conference, which will be attended by experts from across Europe, will contribute to define  the future of the sounds heritage  through sharing knowledge and taking into account the contribution of new technologies.
The event will mix both keynote speeches and talks regarding various topics, which range from copyright to archival discovery. The latest technologies related to the sounds heritage will be also presented, through lively demonstrations and live performances.

The Central Institute for the Union Catalogue of Italian Libraries and Bibliographic Information (ICCU), partner of Europeana Sounds project, coordinates the contribute provided by the Central Institute for Sound and Audiovisual Heritage and aggregates it through Internet Culturale portal.

For further information, to consult  the programme of the Conference and for registering, we invite you to visit Europeana Sounds Conference 2015