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Catalogue of the exhibition on seals published by the Romanian Academy Library


In the occasion of the last AthenaPlus project meeting in Bucharest the Romanian Academy Library published the catalogue of the exhibition on seals.

From portal to platform: the evolution of Europeana


Last week Europeana released the Business Plan 2014 that guides out next year work at the Foundation.

EAGLE Europeana Conference: call for papers


EAGLE Europeana project will organise and International Conference on Information Technology for Epigraphy and Digital Cultural Heritage in the Ancient World next September 29-30 and October 1, 2014 in Paris. Call for papers has been launched.

Art & Architecture Thesaurus Available as Linked Open Data


Last 20 February 2014 the Getty has released the Art & Architecture Thesaurus (AAT)® as Linked Open Data.

Europeana and new rights statements


Europeana published a post on the Europeana Pro blog which includes important information for data providers.

CIDOC 2014, call for papers


The annual conference of CIDOC, the International Committee for Documentation of ICOM, will take place from 6th - 11th of September 2014 in Dresden, Germany. Anyone interested from museums and cultural organizations is cordially invited to participate.

SPK presented Athena Plus at the State Library Berlin


Our project was presented at the Conference "Deutsches Kulturerbe auf dem Weg in die Europeana II, Konferenz am 20. und 21. März 2014 in der Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin"

D4.4 Specialist Training material : TMP user manuals and semantic mapping procedures


This deliverable presents the material prepared by WP4 of the AthenaPlus Project for cultural institutions managing multilingual terminologies. Cultural institutions from the GLAM sector need to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the Semantic Web principles, the existing standard and supporting technologies.

Published AthenaPlus D4.3 Terminology Management Platform


This document describes the activity done in the framework of Task 4.2 Terminology management platform (TMP) in work package 4 on terminologies and semantic enrichment.

More than 800.000 records uploaded in MINT


AthenaPlus partner's efforts were rewarded and Athena Plus achieved milestone 4: over 820,000 records are now uploaded in MINT by January 31st! Our next milestone is in January 2015 when 60-70% of the whole content will be uploaded in MINT and ready to be harvested by Europeana.

Published AthenaPlus D7.2 Analysis, scenarios use cases, opportunities of innovative services for DCH, and future development


This deliverable coordinated by Michael Culture association was produced following the open workshop on Digital Storytelling for mediation and valorisation of cultural heritage, held in Berlin on the 9 of October 2013.

Europeana has been developing a response to the European Commission Public Consultation on Copyright Rules


This public consultation offers a unique opportunity to provide input into a discussion that will shape the future rules by which cultural heritage institutions in Europe will have to play. It is clear that the current rules limit what we can achieve by leveraging digital technologies and as far as we are concerned, that means that the rules have to change. This will only happen if cultural heritage institutions all across Europe make their voice heard!
Deadline approaching to submit responses to public consultation: Wednesday 5 February

Athena Plus presented in Lithuania


Athena Plus was presented last 9 January 2014 in Vilnius at the Press conference “Lithuanian Art Museum’s projects in the year 2014” („2014 metų projektai Lietuvos dailės muziejuje“.

Published AthenaPlus D3.2 Description of the LIDO to EDM mapping


The main objective of this deliverable is to describe the mapping methods from the Lightweight Information Describing Objects (LIDO) metadata model to Europeana Data Model (EDM).

Published an addendum to D5.2 Report on existing tools and devices related to narrative approaches and requirements functionalities


This document serves as an addendum to the already published deliverable D5.2 Report on existing tools and devices related to narrative approaches and requirement functionalities (M6), coordinated by Dédale and PACKED.