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AthenaPlus presented in Croatia at the 17th Seminar Archives, Libraries, Museums.


MUO poster on AthenaPlus was awarded for the best design.

Memorandum of understanding between AthenaPlus and Eagle


Yesterday the coordinators of the two projects Rosa Caffo and Silvia Orlandi has signed a memorandum of understanding to do joint activities.

Europeana dreams


Yesterday, Europeana launched the Europeana Dreams to help envision a shared future.

AthenaPlus presented in Moskow


Nadezhda Brakker presented a paper in Russian "Russian content in Europeana" during the 15th Annual international conference «EVA 2013 Moscow, Information society, culture, education».

AthenaPlus presented in Ucraina at ICT $ IS-2013


Olga Barkova gave a presentation at the International Scientific Congress "Informational Society in Ukraine" last 29 October 2013.

AthenaPlus presented in Romania


Athena Plus and the collection of historical documents of the Romanian Academy Library have been presented during the event "Cultural Walk on Calea Victoriei" last 26 October 2013.

Published AthenaPlus D3.1 The MINT ingestion platform


The main objective of this deliverable, edited by NTUA, is to describe the MINT ingestion platform presenting its architecture and the technologies used for its implementations.

AthenaPlus workshop on digital storytelling


All the presentations are now svailable.

AthenaPlus presented at the First Croatian Documentalist Conference


At the conference, the objectives of the Athena Plus project were explained, as well as concepts such as LOD, OWL and digital storytelling.

Strategic Plan Workshops Europeana 2013


Europeana is on the brink of entering a new phase of its existence. After 5 years of hard work, operating on short-term project funding through EU innovation programmes, Europeana is now lined up to be funded on a more permanent basis as a ‘Digital Service Platform’. That requires to re-imagine what we would like Europeana to be in the future, an exercise for which we would like to invite you to participate.

Published AthenaPlus D4,2 Review on linked open data sources


The objective of this deliverable is to provide an overview of the Linked Open Data (LOD) sources that could be used for linking the AthenaPlus content.

European Museum Academy awards a prize to Europeana Foundation


On Thursday 19 September 2013 in the city of Bologna, on the occasion of The Learning Museum Project International Conference, the European Museum Academy will present its Prize to the Europeana Foundation

Training course: Cultural Mediation & Storytelling in Museums - using theatre, video and digital technologies


A practical training course for adults working in the cultural field (museum and cultural heritage professionals, theatre professionals, etc.) in any stage of their career. EU-citizens can apply for a European IST-Grant (Grundtvig In service Training mobility Grant)

Published AthenaPlus D5.2 Report on existing tools and devices related to narrative approaches and requirements functionalities


This deliverable, coordinated by Dédale and PACKED, provides an overview of existing tools and applications that may serve as examples for the development of the creative applications for the (re)use of digital cultural heritage content that will be developed in the AthenaPlus WP5.

Published AthenaPlus D4.1 First release GLAM sector reference terminologies


The DoW of the AthenaPlus project describes deliverable D4.1 as follows: “a first release of GLAM-sector terminologies with a terminology resource report. It describes the results of the analyses of GLAM terminologies, the selection criteria used for the collection of suitable reference terminologies, as well as a detailed overview of the terminologies gathered in the registry of terminologies.”