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Italian Semester of Presidency of the European Union


The reuse of digital cultural content in education, tourism and leisure: an opportunity for cultural institutions and creative industries, an investment for the future

Roma, 2 October 2014, Biblioteca nazionale centrale

Poster session
The reuse of digital cultural content in education, tourism and leisure

Size: cm 70 x 100

Position: vertical

Support: gr.150-200 cardboard

Assembling and dismantling: posters can be brought directly by the authors in the morning of 2nd October, before 9,30 a.m. directly at the seat of the Conference or they can be sent by mail. In this case posters must be rolled up and protected for avoiding damages during the transportation by mail. If sent by mail they must arrive before 30 September at the following address: Istituto centrale per il Catalogo Unico delle Biblioteche Italiane, Poster session AthenaPplus, Viale Castro Pretorio 105, 00185 Roma.

All the posters must be removed by the end of the Conference. ICCU will not be responsible for the loss or damages of the posters after the end of the event.

The authors who can be present during the event, are invited to attend the session on 2 October 2014, from 13:00 to 14:00 in order to answer to the questions of the visitors.

Smaller copy: by the same dates a digital copy of the poster must be sent to ICCU (JPG, 300 dpi).

Style: posters must be readable from a 2 meters distance at least. The style must be plain and brief.

Language: English

Body of the text: 14 points at least. You should use one type with not so many changes in style (boldface, italics, underlined type etc.). We recommend you to use primary colours (red, green and blue) for the text and the complementary ones for the background and pictures

Text and images: On the poster you must indicate: Title, authors; Institution; Area for nomination; progress of the works; short description of the project.
The text must not have more than 3,000 characters. It is possible to insert graphics, tables, drawings and pictures.

Publication: AthenaPlus reserves the faculty to publish the posters in the AthenaPlus Conference Proceedings adn on the project website.