Implementing LIDO

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Implementing LIDO
text by Gordon McKenna (Collections Trust), Regine Stein (Bildarchiv Foto Marburg)

A methodology for implementing LIDO (Lightweight Information Describing Objects), and in doing so give help and advice to potential and new users of lido seeking to employ it.

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According to the goals of AthenaPlus, one of its aims is to promote standards that ease information processing and information dissemination of the rich museum contents. LIDO, developed since 2008, has from the beginning proven to be a very useful tool to bring the metadata of museum objects to internet portals and especially to Europeana, so that these objects can be accessed and used by as large as possible an audience.

Within the framework of AthenaPlus LIDO has been implemented by a wide group of data providers from many different countries. The experience gained has been brought back to the International Working Group in CIDOC responsible for LIDO maintenance and development and has been an important
component for LIDO implementation on a wider scale.

So as to share this experience with a wide museum community, the present booklet concentrates on outlining the way of practical implementation of LIDO in a succession of logical steps,
thereby at the same time giving an outline description of LIDO.

We hope that this booklet will help the even wider dissemination of the tool LIDO and we do invite the community to actively participate in its usage and further development.

Monika Hagedorn-Saupe
Digital Exhibition Working Group Coordinator