MOVIO postcard

An open source and user-friendly tool for realising digital exhibitions in an easy, creative and funny
way. It can be used by curators, students, schools, and whoever wants to create a digital exhibition.

MOVIO is a kit: it is not just a software, it includes a set of tools and services:

  • a Content Management System (CMS MOVIO) for the realization of online digital exhibitions
  • CMS MOVIO for mobile devices (microsite): iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets
  • MOVIO APP for generating apps on mobile platforms
  • MOVIO HUB, an online catalogue of digital and real exhibitions, available also on MOVIO APP
  • Online tutorials and interactive training on the use of the kit and implementation of the guidelines for the creation of online digital exhibitions

The back-end ofMOVIO is the area where the curators create andmanage the content of its digital exhibition. The back-end offers functionalities to manage:

  • the back-end language
  • the multilingualism of the content
  • the graphical templates
  • the ontology related to the digital exhibition
  • the media archive
  • the user profiles and the users
  • the page types and the relative tools available in the CMS
  • the export for the app
  • the Europeana API
  • the interoperability withMOVIO HUB
  • some social functions

Link to training material:

Responsible partners:

General coordination

Software development
META Group, Italy

PACKED Expertisecentrum Digitaal Erfgoed Vzw, Belgium

Download the Manual of Good practice on MOVIO (PDF, 2168 kb)