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The TMP2 (ThesaurusManagement Platform), is a web portal for thesauri management.

The TMP offers:

  • creation and editing of thesauri, favouring a conceptual approach
  • specification of all types of hierarchical relations (generic, instantial, partitive)
  • extensive concept information (notes, images etc.)
  • management ofmultilingualism
  • integration of ISO standards 25964-1 and ISO 25964-2 on thesauri
  • import and export in SKOS, JSON and RDF
  • thesaurus mapping.

TMP2 is freely accessible (read only) to anyone.

User accounts are created for projectmembers and associated organisations.

The TMP was developed in the framework of two European projects dedicated to cultural heritage.

Link to the service:

Responsible partners:

Requirements and testing
KoninklijkeMusea voor Kunst en Geschiedenis, Belgium

Software development
Université de Savoie, France

Ministère de la culture et de la communication, France