Guidelines for organising sessions with users in the AthenaPlus pilots

Innovation is a very important asset for organisations. However, innovation driven only by technological push has a market risk. Companies may find themselves in a situation where they have a promising engineered innovation in their hands while users will ignore it, because it was designed and marketed out of the user experience. Hence, it is essential to reach out to external stakeholders, and organise actions in which we can hear their opinions and suggestions.

One proven and tested way to solve the gap between technology and society is to involve the prospective users into the process of developing these innovations. The involvement of users on innovation research ensures that the products and services have not only a “user touch” but also a user point of view and the user experiences included. Including users as participants, co-creators, co-designers, first usability evaluators and other roles on the innovation projects diminishes the risk of project failure and increases the probabilities of a successful technology.

To this end, the purpose of this document is to provide pilot partners with a set of recommendations to assist them in organizing sessions in which the external users’ feedback, both professionals and prospective visitors, can be generated and collected.

English (PDF, 282 kb)