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Europeana for Tourism Policy - Recommendations December 2014


Europeana has just published this new set of recommendations on Europeana and Tourism Policy, that have come out of the Greek and Italian Presidencies.

Everything you need to know about publishing data on Europeana


Europeana has brought together over 36 million digital objects from the online collections of more than 3,000 galleries, libraries, museums and archives from across Europe. Europeana will continue to be as inclusive as possible and collect the diversity of digital cultural heritage that is available, it will focus on the improvement of the quality of data; accessibility, accuracy or consistency of metadata and content are key components of the service it wants to develop together with their data partners. This focus on improving quality has been highlighted as a key priority in Europeana’s Strategy 2020.So how can it achieve this?

Europeana Publication Policy v1.0


Europeana has just published a guide for aggregators and data providers on metadata and content requirements.

Project milestone reached: 1.2 million metadata records delivered to Europeana


In December 2014 a major milestone of the AthenaPlus project was reached: More than 1.2 million records were successfully uploaded to MINT and harvested by Europeana. This achievement means a huge step towards realizing an important project aim: contributing 3.6 million metadata records to Europeana.

Rossella Caffo elected at the Europeana members' Council


The 25 Councillors that have been elected form the first Members Council. This is the first major step towards putting the Network at the heart of Europeana. You can read more about your Councillors and the next steps on the dedicated Governance Section on Europeana Pro.

AthenaPlus creative tools presented at the 2nd Annual Conference of the International Council on Archives in Girona


AthenaPlus was presented at the Archives & Cultural Industries Conference - ICA — in Girona that took place from October 11-15, 2014. The Conference focused on the discussion of issues related to new tasks and challenges of cultural heritage institutions.

Europeana cultural heritage institutions get their content on Wikipedia


In order to help cultural heritage institutions such as museums, archives, libraries and galleries upload their openly licensed content to Wikimedia Commons, Europeana together with four national Wikimedia organisations created a tool that allows these institutions to batch-upload their content to Wikimedia.

Europeana Strategy 2020


Europeana has published its reflections on the future of Europeana. This strategy is the result of a year- long conversation with its network during which Europeana has investigated thoroughly how best to create value for all stakeholders.

Call for papers | TOTh 2014 Workshop


The 2014 TOTh Workshop is organized by the Royal Museums of Art and History of Brussels within the scope of the European Project AthenaPlus. It will take place on December 5th, 2014 in Brussels, The Cinquantenaire Museum, Parc du Cinquantenaire 10.

D6.1 Evaluation framework for the pilots


This deliverable coordinated by ICIMSS prepares the definition of a shared methodology to evaluate and test the creative applications for the (re)use of digital cultural heritage content, focused on: virtual exhibitions, digital storytelling, tourist routes and education referred to as the pilots.

Europeana's Rights Labelling Campaign reaches its final phase


In 2013 Europeana started a rights labelling campaign with the goal to have no more digital objects in the database without a rights statement.

Athena Plus will be presented at the Eagle conference in Rome


Rossella Caffo, AthenaPlus project coordinator, will present Athena Plus at this important event.

D5.4 Training materials for supporting the use of the AthenaPlus tools


This concise document presents an overview of the available training materials for using MOVIO as a tool to create virtual exhibitions. As other components of the AthenaPlus creative tools are released, the available materials will be enlarged. This report starts with an overview of the training materials platforms and media (wiki and video), followed by the plans regarding national trainings and making the link with WP6.

Post about the AthenaPlus project on Europeana Professional Blog


"AthenaPlus uploads more than 800,000 metadata records"
In February 2014, the AthenaPlus project co-financed by the European Commission, reached a major project milestone: More than 800.000 metadata records were successfully uploaded using the MINT ingestion platform. Launched in March 2013, the AthenaPlus project set out to make cultural heritage more widely accessible through Europeana.

Women and girls go digital!


Hellenic Presidency of the EU Council Conference in Athens the 4 April is going to launch the Greek multi-stakeholder platform to promote more girls and women in ICT and a national action-plan.